Have you already tried harsh chemicals or a visit to your doctor? Still think it's cheaper to battle lice on your own? Let's take a look at average costs.

Typical Expenses

  • Lost wages missing two days of work.
  • Retail lice treatments containing pesticides. Keep in mind you must repeat these in a week, so you'll be buying multiple treatments.
  • Copay if you choose to see your pediatrician.
  • Prescription lice treatments containing pesticides.
  • Spike in your water bill after washing linens.
  • You cannot begin to describe a cost associated with the fear, stress, embarrassment, and frustration parents feel.
For most families, the total costs exceed $820! Worse, you run the risk of doing it all again if you miss a single nit.

We offer affordable, safer, more effective, and stress-free solutions to help you and your family.

Lice Treatment: $150
Followup Visit: Included
30 Day Guarantee

YourConvenienceWe offer travel services on select treatments.

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Can't explain how fabulous Nit's End is! She takes all of the "taboo" out of the entire event and she's amazing at reminding us parents that lice happens... it's NOT the end of the world! ;)

Ashley M.

These ladies are amazing. They walked me through the process step by step, and took care of the entire family. Spread the word, and let these ladies do the work for you. You will be glad you did. They even took calls and answered questions afterwards. They really went above and beyond. Call them, seriously.

Joseph M.

Nit's End is amazing! I was so overwhelmed and now I'm not. Thank you so much.

Amber T.